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Below is a list of ZOE progressive Christian campus organizations, progressive Christian university chaplains (employed by colleges and universities), and progressive Christian campus ministers (lay or clergy people assigned by churches or other organizations to serve students at particular campuses).


Note: University and college chaplains work directly for their institutions and in most cases serve and support the entire student body, across religious differences. They are listed here on the basis of their personal - not institutional - affiliations. Generally, university and college chaplains are very good sources of information regarding how to find progressive Christian groups on campuses.


To have your organization added to this list, contact:




Christian Students Uniting @ Sydney - ZOE Affiliate

Sydney, Australia

Christian Students Uniting is an inter-denominational Christian group on campus at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Sydney (USYD), Conservatorium of Music (CON) and Macquarie University (MQ). We are disciples committed to following Jesus as Lord and sharing God's Word with the world.Our time together is about faith, fun, biblical scholarship, Radical Discipleship, justice and community.




USA Wesley Foundation @ University of South Alabama - ZOE Affiliate

Rev. Jeremy Steele, Campus Minister -, (251) 341-5184   

Mobile, Alabama  

USA Wesley, or South Wesley, as we like to call it, is the Methodist campus ministry at the University of South Alabama. We are a thriving campus ministry located just across the street from campus and the USA Mitchell Center. We are sponsored by the United Methodist Church, and open to all students, regardless of faith or denomination. And, we are not only available to students at South, but have students involved from the University of Mobile, Coastal College, Bishop State, and Springhill College. 


Incarnation @ ASU Polytechnic

Brad Eubanks, Chaplin -

Mesa, Arizona 

Incarnation is not simply for students in the Episcopal Church, but anyone who seeks to ask questions, explore various expressions of the Christianity, and deepen their own life of faith and

service. Incarnation seeks fruitful dialog and partnerships with various faith traditions

represented on campus. As a matter of hospitality, all are welcome to pray and meditate in the

Incarnation House according to their own tradition. Incarnation offers a radical welcome to

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Straight persons, regardless of age, race,

ethnicity, gender, gender identity, class, ability, economic, or educational status.


UKirk @ Arizona State University 

Rev. Dr. Eric Ledermann -, (480) 966-6267

Tempe, Arizona 

UKIRK is an open, affirming, and welcoming progressive Christian community at ASU, fully inclusive and affirming of LGBTQIA+ students, seeking to provide a safe place for students to

explore the Christian religion, study the Bible, have fun, enjoy fellowship with each other, and

serve the community. We focus on exploring and practicing Christian life in our time and place.

We are part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a ministry of University Presbyterian Church

in Tempe, Arizona. We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings and at other times for special

events. Students are encouraged to attend worship at UPC on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.


Incarnation @ University of Arizona 

Ben Garren, Chaplain -

Tucson, Arizona 

The Episcopal Campus Ministry at the University of Arizona gathers throughout the week for

worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Every Sunday in term we meet at 6:00pm to celebrate

the Eucharist and share a meal, graciously provided by local Episcopal parishes. On Wednesdays we meet at 7pm in front of Gentle Ben's for Thirsty (a)Theology, a time where the ECM picks up the appetizers and we gather, and bring possibly controversial friends, to have intentional conversation where we hope to learn to disagree better.


LCM/Canterbury @ Northern Arizona University, (928) 433-5679

Flagstaff, Arizona

Serving Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College. We are so glad you

are here! We are a community of students, faculty, staff, and supporters here in Flagstaff,

supported by the Lutheran and Episcopal churches. We have come together from many

backgrounds, so we know what feeling like a stranger is all about. Our campus community

welcomes and actively affirms people of all ethnicities, races, national origins, gender identities,

and sexual orientations.




St Michael’s University Church, Isla Vista @ University of California, Santa Barbara

Rev. Scott Claassen, Pastor -

Santa Barbara, California

Surfing and Spirituality invites students to engage their love of nature and neighbor with their love of God. Every week, we explore different spiritual practices in order to delve more deeply into how surfing itself can be a spiritual practice. Whether you are an avid surfer or have never been on a board--whether you have no spiritual training or are a seasoned monastic--come try it out! SEE YOU THERE!   The Rev. Scott Claassen is an Episcopal priest and lifelong surfer. Claassen has surfed everywhere from California to Indonesia, Fiji, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Japan, and Hawaii. He has studied a wide variety of spiritual practices and traditions, and he is the vicar and chaplain at St. Michael’s University Church in Isla Vista.


Disciples on Campus @ Chapman University 

Nancy Brink -, 

Orange, California

Disciples on Campus is a student ministry sponsored by the Office of Church Relations at

Chapman University. Not only does DOC welcome students from Disciples congregations

(Disciples founded the school), but from Disciples’ partner denomination, the United Church of

Christ and other mainline, progressive students on campus. The organization is the only Open &

Affirming student ministry on campus, welcoming students from the LGBTQIA community.


Cal Aggie Christian Association @ University of California, Davis 

Rev. Lauren Jewett, Campus Minister - 

Davis, California

Rooted in a tradition of ecumenical, progressive campus ministry since 1916, Cal Aggie

Christian Association at UC Davis serves the Christian student community through faith-based

programs grounded in four basic values: community, faith, social justice, and sustainable living.

In addition, situated in an increasingly diverse multifaith environment, CA House embraces and

serves students of all faiths and strives to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. CA

House offers a caring, inclusive community where all students can engage in open discussion

and exploration of questions of faith (their own and others’), vocation, personal identity and

growth. CA House is committed to putting faith into action and actively seeks opportunities to

promote peace and social justice. CA House is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA),

United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Church.

The Belfry @ UC Davis and Sacramento City College

The Belfry is the Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry to the University of California at Davis and to Sacramento City College. The Belfry exists to offer a safe, brave, peaceful, and sacred space to students and affiliates, including community gatherings and regular worship services. Everyone is welcome at the Belfry--no exceptions!

Chaplain and Program Director: The Rev. Dr. Portia Hopkins


Ecumenical House @ San Francisco State University 

Hannah, Chaplain - 

San Francisco, California

To invite, inform, and inspire the campus community to experience God's love and engage the

Christian faith such that their gifts for making a better world are called forth, Christian disciples

are made, the Good News is proclaimed, and God's compassion and justice are made known.


Canterbury Bridge Student Association @ San Jose State University

Kathleen Crowe, Chaplain - 

San Jose, California

Canterbury Bridge has strong partnerships on campus with SJSU Cares,

Student Crisis Committee, the Wellness Center and multiple groups across the campus who

serve underserved students, Our ministry embraces students across religious traditions building

a community of mutual respect and greater understanding.

EMBER @ University of California, Los Angeles 

Jake Putich, Director of Youth, College, and Adult Faith Formation - ​​ 

Los Angeles, California

EMBER exists to provide a sanctuary for college students and young adults on the Westside.  We are nurtured by God’s open and world-embracing love for all people. In this spirit, we welcome, affirm, and delight in the vibrant diversity of each person without exception.  We desire to create a space for curiosity and connection, where faith can bloom into acts of justice, love, humility, and peace for the sake of our neighbors and our world.

Progressive Christians @ University of Southern California - ZOE Affiliate 

Rev. Sunny Kang -, 

Los Angeles, California

In loving fellowship and spiritual practice, we follow in the historic traditions of Christian faith,

interpreting them in light of social and scientific progress. We find grace in intellectual and

contemplative engagement with our faith. We believe there is more value in questioning than in

absolute answers; we take the Bible seriously because we don’t have to take it literally. We

affirm that other religions can be as good for others as ours is good for us. We strive to make our earth a heavenly place of peace, justice, kindness, and beauty; we don’t believe anybody is going to hell. We affirm LGBT sexuality and we celebrate same-sex marriages. Sponsored by United University Church/Hope on Union (Presbyterian USA and United Methodist).


Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry @ Stanford University

Dr. Travis Stevens, Episcopal Advisor

Stanford, California

Affiliation: University Lutheran Church, Palo Alto. 

We are a grace-filled, Christ-centered community, welcoming ALL Stanford students: Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, people of any or no faith, seekers, skeptics, devotees, sinners, saints, LGBTQ2SIA folks, cisgender and straight folks, poets, scientists – everyone. Bring your doubts, your hopes, your questions, your longing for community and authenticity, your search

for worship and connection. Bring your real self, however you are and whomever you want to



Front Porch San Luis Obispo @ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

Joel Drenckpohl, Executive Director - 

San Luis Obispo, California 

Front Porch is a free coffeehouse for Cal Poly SLO and Cuesta College students, it’s a gathering spot, it's a hub, and it’s a community where every person and moment matters. Front Porch creates environments where college students can develop genuine relationships and experience life together through radical inclusivity. Our staff is a community of people shaped by the teachings of Jesus, believing that every person matters, every moment matters, and that both demand our love and attention because we believe The Divine is present within them. Join us for free coffee and study space Monday through Friday, a free home-cooked meal every Wednesday Night at 6 pm, and Saturday nights at 5 pm for a community gathering that intentionally draws awareness to the connectedness we all share and the connection that is continually trying to take place in this universe. A space that encourages people to pay attention to what is going on just below the surface of every moment or encounter: that God (or energy, or force, or power, or flow, or light, or love — whatever you want to call it), is very real, present, and active in this universe, and constantly inviting, or pulling, us all to take part in something more beautiful.


St Thomas Collective @ Biola University 

La Mirada, California

St Thomas Collective is a student-led community for Biola students and alumni who find themselves doubting, frustrated, and spiritually homeless.


University of Southern California 

Rev. Brandon Harris, Associate Dean - Office of Religious and Spiritual Life


University of La Verne 

Zandra Wagoner, Ph.D., University Chaplain - Office of Religious and Spiritual Life 




Bread and Belonging @ University of Colorado Boulder

Zach Parris - 

Boulder, Colorado

Lutheran and Episcopal campus ministry. Every Tuesday evening we gather for a home cooked dinner and conversation: “Bread + Belonging”.


Wesley Foundation @ University of Colorado Boulder 

Stephanie, Director - 

Boulder, Colorado

A ministry of the United Methodist Church. Discovering the mystery and complexity is more fun

with friends, so we hope you'll join us! We’re a progressive and inclusive ministry, and most of our students fall into these categories. Progressive Christians, students wanting to leave rigid

churches, and spiritual seekers represent the majority of our students. But let’s be clear: you

don’t have to fall into those categories to come here.




Progressive Christians @ Yale,, 

New Haven, Connecticut

A student-led fellowship for progressive Christians at Yale.


LuMin - University Lutheran Ministry of New Haven @ Yale

Kari Henkelmann, Pastor - 

New Haven, Connecticut

LuMin is a spiritual home for students on Yale’s campus. We are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Although we are Lutheran by tradition, we are open to every person and we welcome you to join us as you discover what faith or spirituality mean for you.




UKirkTallahassee @ Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, Florida A&M

Rev. Matt Frease -

Facebook; Instagram - @ukirktally, @calvins_coffee

Tallahassee, Florida

Presbyterian (PCUSA) ministry - an inclusive community that seeks to foster a welcoming,

inclusive and loving Christian community. We also operate a non-profit coffee shop - Calvin’s

Coffee House - in the basement of our building. We strive for both UKirk and Calvin’s to be

spaces where all people are welcomed, loved, and affirmed as reflections of the creative beauty of the Divine.




Presbyterian Student Center @ University of Georgia

Rev. Will Norman, Executive Campus Minister -

Facebook; Vimeo

Athens, Georgia

A joint ministry of the Presbyterian Church USA and United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian

Student Center strives to be a community of belonging for all students, a beacon of hope in the

world, and your spiritual home away from home. In the current moment, most of the PSC’s

energy (beyond our regular Bible Studies and weekly worship) is focused on framing and

practicing the Christian Life as one committed to the full inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ+

students, and the work of anti-racism.




Campus Ministry of Community United Church of Christ @ University of Illinois, Champaign 

Isla Kantola -, 


Champaign, Illinois

We are a group of students, undergrad and graduate, from UIUC and Parkland. The group

provides a welcoming environment for students to explore questions of life and faith, grow as a

person, grow as a community, spiritually embrace others, and experience fellowship.

McKinley Presbyterian Campus Ministry  @ University of Illinois, Champaign

Paula Hancock, MEd, Executive Director, McKinley Foundation

McKinley is a vibrant, progressive, and inclusive faith-based Christian ministry providing community and support to students and young adults within the U of I community. Though we are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), our campus ministry also respects the many spiritual traditions among those we serve. Many of our activities take place in the Foundation building on the U of I campus.


Brent House @ The Episcopal Center at the University of Chicago

Rev. Stacy Alan, Chaplain - 

Chicago, Illinois

Brent House is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. In particular, we welcome people of all religious traditions (or no religious tradition). Brent House has a long history of welcoming and including people of all genders and sexual orientations just as they are.


Elmhurst University

H. Scott Matheney, Chaplain


Eureka College

Rev. Bruce Fowlkes, Chaplain




Grace Unlimited @ Butler University

Charles Allen - 

Indianapolis, Indiana

GraceUnlimited is an adventurous community of faith that is all-inclusive, living out the all-embracing love of God in Jesus Christ. We are an Indianapolis campus ministry centered at

Butler University and sponsored by the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in

America and other people of faith and goodwill.



Center for Religion Spirituality and Social Justice @ Grinnell College

Deanna Shorb - SHORB@Grinnell.EDU

Grinnell, Iowa

Designed to foster interfaith dialogue and support many religious traditions, the center promotes

local and global social justice through regular community meals, service opportunities, and

other activities.


The Vine @ Iowa State University, Ames 

Jen Hibben, Campus Minister - 

Ames, Iowa

The Vine is the campus ministry at Collegiate Presbyterian Church, Ames, Iowa, where ALL are

not only welcome, but celebrated, affirmed, loved and empowered. The Vine is committed to

creating space for all those connected to ISU regardless of major, dorm, greek affiliation,

political affiliation, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, economic status,

and even religious affiliation.




Religious Life Office @ Centre College

Rick Axtell - 

Instagram -, @centrefaith

Danville, Kentucky

The Religious Life Office encourages students to strengthen their own faith tradition, to ask the

tough questions in a safe environment, to explore and understand the traditions of others, and to serve in ways that make the world a better place.



 United  Campus Fellowship (PCUSA) @ McNeese State University

 Joe Stark         Eveline Angwafo 

Lake Charles, Louisiana Louisiana

UKirk @ Southeast Louisiana University

Rev. Daniel Vanek




Dinner Church @ Amherst College

Rev. Anna Woofenden - 

Amherst, Massachusetts 

Gather Monday evenings at 7:00-8:00pm for shared singing, scripture reflection and sermon, community prayer, and communal blessing. Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome.


Old Cambridge Baptist @ Harvard University

Cody Sanders, Pastor - 

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Old Cambridge Baptist Church is a faith community for people from many religious perspectives

and experiences. From those who identify as Christian, to seekers of truth, to agnostics who find

the message and example of Jesus a compelling one to follow -- all are welcome here. Since

1983, we have celebrated the gift of LGBTQ lives and all that they add to the rich tapestry of the

congregation's life together, welcoming LGBTQ people into every facet of church life.


Protestant Chaplaincy @ Tufts University

Rev. Daniel Bell, Chaplain - 

Middlesex County, Massachusetts

The Protestant Chaplaincy is an integrated part of Tufts’ multi-faith University Chaplaincy. We

seek to ensure that interested members of the Tufts community have opportunities to continue in, or to explore, the Protestant tradition. The Protestant chaplain, the Reverend Daniel Bell, is an Episcopal priest who works in an inclusive and ecumenical way to meet students’ spiritual needs, and maintains a close relationship with the Protestant Students Association (PSA). The

Protestant Chaplaincy and PSA strive to be a radically welcoming and inclusive community. We

invite people of every race, color, national and ethnic origin, age, religious background, veteran

status, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression to bring the fullness of who

they are into this community. We offer a number of programs throughout the academic year,

including weekly worship services, Bible studies, service opportunities, retreats and holiday

celebrations. We also work closely with other chaplaincies at Tufts to offer ecumenical and

interfaith programs to enrich students’ intellectual and spiritual lives.


Boston University 

Jessica Chicka, Chaplain 


Northeastern University 

Alex Kern, Chaplain 




Lord of Light LuMin Lutheran Campus Ministry @ University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Rev. Elizabeth Friedman, Pastor -

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lord of Light Lutheran Church & Campus Ministry is an inclusive, intergenerational campus congregation serving the University of Michigan and the surrounding community. We are part of the LuMin Network in the ELCA. Deeply rooted in a tradition of social justice, we are committed to showing God's love to all people.  We are openly and intentionally welcoming and affirming of everyone as beloved creations of God: Of any gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, denomination, or faith. We explicitly reject systems of white supremacy, and we are committed to working for racial justice and equality.


Wesley Foundation @ University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Tim Kobler, Chaplain -

Ann Arbor, Michigan

An inclusive campus ministry of the United Methodist church --- provides a place of community and faith in the midst of college life. Through Bible studies, fun activities, service projects, movies, worship, programs, and speakers, we grow together and give life a sense of balance and perspective.


UKirk @ Michigan State University

Neil Myer -

East Lansing, Michigan

UKirk at Michigan State is an open and affirming community of faith serving students at

Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, and the greater Lansing area. We

welcome you to bring ALL of who you are to UKirk. You- yes you- are a beloved child of

God. We value the diversity of racial and cultural identity, the full spectrum of gender identity

and sexual orientation and invite each person to full participation in our community of faith.


All Together Campus Ministry @ Wayne State University

Rev. Ben Adams

Find us in Dearborn at Henry Ford College or the University of Michigan-Dearborn, or in Detroit at Wayne State University where we are boldly living out our belovedness together and welcoming all, period.

Motor City Wesley @ Wayne State University

Carl Gladstone, Director -

Detroit, Michigan

MOTOR CITY WESLEY is led by students at Wayne State University and other local schools, along with young adults and ministry staff from area churches. Carl Gladstone serves as Motor City Wesley Director.  We believe that serving others and building a more just world is a holy response to the grace, forgiveness and inspiration announced and enacted in the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. We also believe that there is no barrier to welcoming and working with students of all faiths or no faith, since working toward goodness in the world is consistent with our understanding of God’s hopes for everyone.


Macalester College

Rev. Kelley Stone, Chaplain


Carleton College

Rev. Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Chaplain   




Ekklesia @ Missouri State University 

Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman -

Springfield, Missouri

A progressive campus ministry that welcomes Jesus followers, seekers, doubters, interfaith

advocates, and people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We strive

to make our campus and world a more just, loving, and peaceful place through critical

thought, prophetic action, and authentic spirituality. We hope you'll join the conversation!




Spiritual Life and Church Relations @ Rocky Mountain College

Kim Woeste, Chaplain - 

Billings, Montana

At Rocky Mountain College, we celebrate our church-related heritage. The early

influence of the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the

United Church of Christ, has resulted in a learning community distinguished by

thoughtful inquiry, ethical decision-making, and active citizenship. All faith traditions are

welcome at Rocky Mountain College and the spirituality, convictions, and questions of

all are respected.


United Campus Ministry @ Montana State University, Billings

Rev. Dwight Welch -

Billings, Montana

United Campus Ministry is an ecumenical campus ministry that maintains a broad-based

understanding of faith and an openness to learn from those whose views differ from our own .

We build community and support groups at Montana State University Billings where students

can explore faith, ask questions, engage in cross cultural experiences, encounter God, and enjoy community together.


Emmaus Campus Ministry @ University of Montana, Missoula 

John Lund, Pastor -

Missoula, Montana

Supported by Evangelical Lutheran Church - a loving, accepting, and inclusive Christian

community at the University of Montana. We seek to live our faith through service to others,

open and honest dialogue, spiritual grounding, and collaborative peace and justice work. We

grow together, laugh a lot, and work to find our place and passion in life.




United Campus Ministry @ University of New Hampshire

Larry Brickner-Wood - 

Durham, New Hampshire

The Waysmeet Center is an open and inclusive campus ministry that is in service to the

University of New Hampshire community and the world. We are a community which celebrates

people of all races, belief systems, cultures, sexual orientations, ages, abilities and gender





United Campus Ministry @ Plymouth State University


Protestant Cooperative Ministry @ Cornell University

Rev. Taryn Mattice, Chaplain - 

Ithaca, New York

Supported by the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church

of Christ and the American Baptist Churches. The Protestant Cooperative Ministry encourages

the members of the Cornell community to seek God’s transforming power and struggle with the

dynamic tensions of a life of Christian faith. We affirm the value of every person, created and

loved by God. We recognize continuing injustice for those of diverse sexual orientations and

identities. We intend this Protestant community to be a safe and affirming community for those

seeking to know Christ.


Episcopal Church @ Cornell University 

Rev. Taylor Daynes -

Ithaca, New York 

The Episcopal Church at Cornell (ECC) is a home away from home for students, and a place for

professors to set aside their titles. Some of us were raised in the Episcopal Church or the Church of England; some of us were raised Roman Catholic or Protestant or without any religion at all. ECC welcomes the full participation of people of every race, sexuality, gender and level of ability. We are an inclusive, questioning community with Christ at our core. We gather for Holy Eucharist on Sundays at 5PM in Anabel Taylor Chapel, and hold various other meetings, groups, and discussions throughout the week.


Progressive Christian Worship @ St. Lawrence University 

Rev. Dr. Shaun Whitehead, Associate Chaplain -

Canton, New York




Niner United @ University of North Carolina, Charlotte 

Steve Cheyney -

Charlotte, North Carolina

Niner United is the campus ministry of Charlotte's Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and

United Methodist churches. Through weekly worship, vocational discernment, leadership

development, spiritual formation, creating relational community, and supporting our community

and beyond, we connect students to God, one another, and dynamic faith experiences.


St. Mary’s House Episcopal/Anglican Center @ University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Greensboro, North Carolina

A welcoming center for young adults and for students, faculty, and staff of Greensboro area

universities and colleges.

Wesley Campus Ministry @ Western Carolina University

Jay Hinton, Campus Minister  -

The Wesley Foundation is a progressive and welcoming United Methodist Campus Ministry open to ALL students. The ministry focuses on helping students authentically connect with each other, contribute to the world around them and celebrate their faith in a variety of ways.  Find us on Instagram @wcuwesley or on the web

UKirk Greensboro

Greensboro, North Carolina

Presbyterian Church (USA) Ministry to College Students in Greensboro, NC.




UKirk @ University of Cincinnati 

Dr. Jonathan Spark-Franklin -

Facebook; Twitter; Instagram

Cincinnati, Ohio

UKirk Cincinnati is a progressive open and affirming community of Christians committed to

loving God and others in a messy and complicated world. It is a ministry of the Presbyterian

Church (USA) serving the entire Cincinnati area but located at the University of Cincinnati. Our

mission is to foster a diverse and inclusive community where students can explore their faith

through honest conversation, experience it through spiritual disciplines, and live it through

radical service.


Berg UCC @ Heidelberg College 

Paul Stark -

Tiffin, Ohio

Berg UCC is open to all mainline Protestant Christians from many backgrounds and various

other religious backgrounds that focus on Progressive values. The group focuses on three main

pillars: Social Justice Talks - Bible Studies - Community Service.


Progressive Christian Students @ Miami University

Oxford, Ohio

A student-led, feminist, LGBTQ+ affirming, intersectionally-minded, and theologicallyinclusive

Christian community. Our mission is to empower and encourage individuals, provide

opportunities for faith-based discussion, foster spiritual growth, and combine Christianity with

action in order to promote compassion, justice, and inclusion.


Ohio Northern University

Rev. David E. MacDonald, D.Min, University Chaplain


University of Mount Union - Alliance, Ohio

Rev. Dr. Tim Morrison, University Chaplain, (440) 823-3089


Oberlin College

Rev. Erica Saunders, Chaplain 




Pacific University

Stephanie Stokamer, Interim Director - Center for Peace and Spirituality 


Lewis and Clark College

Rev. Hilary Martin Himan, Director of Spiritual Life 




The Rooke Chapel Congregation @ Bucknell University 

Kurt Nelson - 

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

A welcoming ecumenical Protestant Christian community for students, faculty, staff and friends

from the greater Lewisburg area. Led by Chaplain Kurt Nelson, Director of Religious & Spiritual

Life, and the Rooke Chapel Vocal Ensemble (contact Music Director Matthew Tiramani


Christian Association @ University of Pennsylvania

Rev. Megan LeCluyse - 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An ecumenical Protestant campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania. Housing Protestant ministries and encouraging faith development, the CA lived out its mission over the years by its action – advocating for peace and social justice, welcoming the immigrant, establishing hospitals in India and China, providing scholarships for students to do social justice and service projects during the summer, opposing war in Vietnam and Iraq, advocating equal rights for women and LGBT people, operating the Green Lane Camps for at-risk Philadelphia children, managing settlement houses for the poor, offering hospitality and dialogue on issues of the day, and always being a place to be safe and to question.


The Commonwealth of Oakland @ Carnegie Mellon University & University of Pittsburgh

Rev. Mike Holohan -, Erin Angeli -

Facebook; Instagram - @oaklandcommonwealth

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth is a new, progressive, Jesus-centered community of faith. People from the

city, the universities, and the street are gathering to create a community of peace in Oakland by

practicing radical inclusion, generosity, creativity, storytelling, justice and gratitude to God. We

celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and invite queer folx to be members and leaders and to have their

marriages blessed by the community. We gather: weekly in small groups to talk about books,

spirituality, and the Bible; monthly for a free community dinner and worship gathering; monthly

for a social justice roundtable; quarterly for neighborhood service projects; and annually for a

summer festival and a fall retreat.


Allegheny College

Rev. Jane Ellen Nickell 


Lafayette College

Rev. Dr. Alexandra M. Hendrickson (Alex), Director of Religious and Spiritual Life 


Wilson College

Rev. Derek Wadlington




Hope House @ University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Tricia Dillon Thomas, Campus Minister

What we do here is simple. 
We strive to provide a place everyday where students feel safe and loved. 
It is a place where students from all walks of life ​gather to eat, study, worship, pray and fellowship. 

UKirk Memphis @ Rhodes College

Rev. Mark Howland -

Facebook - @UKirkatMemphis; Instagram - @UKirkMemphis

Memphis, Tennessee 

UKirk Memphis is a ministry serving the campuses of Rhodes College, the University of

Memphis, and beyond. UKirk is a nationwide campus ministry affiliated with the Presbyterian

Church (U.S.A.) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We seek to reach, love, and teach

college students to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. We gather for worship, discussion, and

dinner weekly, a spiritual retreat in the fall and spring, and attend the Montreat College

Conference in January.


UKirk/Presbyterian Student Association @ Tennessee Technological 

Rev. Sally Ann McKinsey, Director -

Cookeville, Tennessee

Located in Cookeville, TN, we are a UKirk campus ministry organization supported by

churches in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

We are an inclusive community offering students at Tennessee Tech support,

fellowship, and space for critical reflection on questions of faith. We seek to facilitate

honest conversation, genuine acceptance, spiritual growth, and authentic care for each

other during our time in college and beyond. We host dinner and fellowship during Fall

and Spring semesters on Tuesdays at 6pm, and we gather for fellowship and a coffee

break on Thursdays from 2-4pm. All are welcome!


UKirk Nashville @ Belmont, Vanderbilt, and other Nashville universities

Rev. Lindsay Groves -, 

Nashville, Tennessee

UKirk Nashville is a community dedicated to experiencing Christ on campuses through worship,

service, and fellowship. We gather regularly for chats over coffee, food, the study of scripture,

asking hard questions, music, also food, and loving our neighbors, prayers, food, high fives, and

great laughter. We have an eight decades long history here in Nashville, as a non-profit of the

local Presbyterian churches. We are official student organizations at Vanderbilt and Belmont,

and we welcome all and any in the area who'd like to join us, regardless of belief, gender

identity, sexual orientation, race, status, university affiliation... or anything else!




United Campus Ministry of Greater Houston

Rev. Tamika Nelson, Executive Director - 

Houston, Texas

Welcome to the progressive Christian group sponsored by United Campus Ministry of Greater Houston at the University of Houston!  Since 1968 we've served students, staff, and faculty of multiple college and university campuses in the Houston area. Please visit us at our main lounge located on the campus of the University of Houston in the A.D. Bruce Religion Center Room 208.


Houston Canterbury → Epsicopal/ELCA
Charles Graves, Episcopal Campus Minister -, Morgan Gates, ELCA Lutheran Campus Minister - 

Houston, Texas

Connect with other Houston-area college & university students in a loving, liberating, & life-giving community of faith.  We are a loving, liberating, and life-giving community of college students. That means we value the Scripture by reading it in context. We worship faithfully and we serve joyfully. We’ll give you chances to meditate and explore hard questions without judgment. We whole-heartedly love others and we drop dogmas that divide. We celebrate LGBTQ+ persons and support science. We value exploration over indoctrination. We seek justice and healing without undermining other faiths. Perhaps we’re exactly the kind of Christian community you imagined.


Treehouse @ Texas A&M and Blinn College

Jerry Wirtley, Pastor -

Brazos County, Texas

Welcome to Treehouse, the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Texas A&M and Blinn College. We are an open campus ministry, welcoming to students and young adults of any or no faith background. Below are the mission statement, core values, and statement of welcome that students have prioritized as central to understanding who God is calling Treehouse to be. We hope you find a home here!




Cooperative Christian Ministry @ University of Vermont

Rev. Joe Cotner, Campus Minister -

Chittenden County, Vermont

Cooperative Christian Ministry is a spiritual community where worship, prayer, discussion, and

service nurture our spirit... exploring, thinking, and wrestling with difficult questions are vital

faith practices. All are welcome, regardless of faith tradition, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation,

or gender identity.


University of Vermont 

Rev. Laura C. Engelken, Director of Interfaith Education & Engagement - The University of Vermont Interfaith Center 




Wesley Club @ University of Washington

Seattle, Washington

The Wesley Club is a student-run, LGBTQIA-open and affirming, campus ministry in Seattle.

Our mission is to partner with our fellow students as we develop as leaders at the intersection of

faith, justice and community. We hope to leave our time in college with a deeper connection to

God, a more active life of justice and a stronger sense of self in community.


University of Puget Sound 

Rev. Dave Wright, University Chaplain

Facebook; Instagram - @loggerschaplaincy 


Edmonds Community College

Rev. Dr. Milad Nakhla 



Pres House @ University of Wisconsin, Madison

Rev. Erica Liu, Pastor and Director of Campus Ministry -

Madison, Wisconsin

Pres House is a lot of things. We’re a dynamic campus ministry, an openly LGBTQ+ affirming church led by students, and a unique apartment community in the heart of the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus. Most of all, though, we are a home – a place for people to play, eat, rest, and explore what Jesus Christ has to do with life.

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