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Zoe is a global progressive Christian student ministry network created by Progressive Christians Uniting in 2022. In ZOE college/university campus groups, students build community, find meaning, and engage in compassionate action.  Zoe is a lively network of networks: bringing together - online and in person - students and campus ministry leaders from many Christian denominations and groups.

In the Bible, the Greek word ZOE means LIFE - the kind of life that Jesus invites us to live. ZOE means living in fellowship with each other, being divinely conscious and in tune with ourselves and the natural world.  ZOE is about Christian practice: fellowship, service, activism for change, worship, and contemplation.  We have no fixed beliefs that we expect everyone to accept: we make room for many interpretations of the Christian tradition.  We are fully LGBTQ+ affirming. 

ZOE evokes Jesus’ habit of welcoming surprising people to discover abundant life around a meal and good conversation. It suggests welcome, fun, connection, challenge, spiritual nurture, and work for social and environmental justice.  Zoe is dedicated to rediscovering the Christian faith as a world-changing movement of inspired young adults.

ASK to get on ZOE's 2x/mo e-news, to get updates on best practices and events for progressive campus ministry....

On campus, ZOE is:

Spreading a joyful, just contemplative spirituality...

Working for the common good of all people, no exceptions...

Learning to love the Earth and engaging with our ecological emergency...



  1. Connection to students and progressive Christian campus ministries around the world; facilitating meet-ups, in person and online.

  2. Lively, enriching social media encouraging spiritual growth and fellowship, regular e-news, and online resources to help student leaders plan gatherings and activities.

  3. Online and in-person mentoring and guidance for student planning teams.

  4. Help in starting and resourcing ZOE Pods - student-led groups on campus.

  5. Coming soon:  the ZOE podcast - for and by students!

  1. Connection to peers in ministry - around the country and the world - through our e-news and our regular ZOE Zooms.

  2. Curated online resources to help plan activities, with regular e-news updates.

  3. Sharing of best practices and development of programming, and facilitating intra-campus, in-person, and online gatherings and collaborations.

  4. Helping campus ministry staffers and their fellowships through the process of changing affiliation.

  5. Assistance - when requested - with special initiatives, such as bringing relevant speakers to campuses, developing programs for service and activism, planning adventures and pilgrimages, and creating leadership training events for campus ministries.

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